1. Selling & Marketing of Raw Material, Excipients, Biotech Finished Medicines, Medical Disposable Products & Packaging materials for Pharmaceutical, Food and Allied industries in Pakistan on behalf of our well reputed principals.
  2. Through our marketing infrastructure give good business to our international partners.
  3. Product profiles and comparative product and segment working for our international partners.
  4. Complying with the requirements of regulated & semi regulated markets.
  5. Suggestive of molecules for customers.
  6. Support in Formulation Development.
  7. Preparation of initial feasibility, and estimated sale forecast for our international partners.
  8. Provide the services to product’s registrations.
  9. Technology Transfer.
  10. Fill in the gap left by the international companies shifting their focus to the Pakistan markets.
  11. In- and out-licensing arrangements.
  12. Providing updated information to our partners.
  13. Sourcing of importable formulations for Biological, Biotech, Blood Plasma Products, Oncology products, etc.
  14. Provide the convenient to our partners.
  15. Gathering the information from market regarding every products.
  16. Keep close eye on every new innovations.
  17. Sharing the relevant information for our international & national partners to make their productive time.
  18. Developing strong relations with both customers and sources.
  19. Continuously exploring new frontiers, new markets, new opportunities, new technologies and new business paradigms.