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Who We Are

“Medici Pakistan” and “Biofar Chemicals” are group of companies with the deep partnership of Mr.Imran Abdul Sattar and Mr.Muhammad Imran Raza since . . .

What We Do

We are providing complete resources to the tremendous manufacturers from the world to the right customers for their products & Services in Pakistan as well as . . .

Mr.Imran Abdul Sattar

Born in 1971 to a family of business oriented. With the qualification in MBA and working since 1991 in the field of Pharmaceuticals industries from the bottom to build the reputation of Medici Pakistan and Biofar Chemicals in the market.

Mr.Muhammad Imran Raza

Mr.Muhammad Imran Raza has a track record of identifying growth opportunities in the cloud computing industry since 2006 with strong back ground of business education like MBA & LLB.He has leading expertise in founding numerous working partners from domestic and international market place and with a vision to provide knowledge base service to his customers and maintain the reputation of Medici Pakistan & Biofar Chemicals in the market.


Pharmaceuticals/ Nutraceuticals/ Herbal Division

Contract Manufacturing Division

Packaging Division

Oil/Flour/Confectionaries Division

Feed & Veterinary Division

Vitamins & Minerals

Promoting care and caring of partners
through coalitions and advocacy.


Best service provides to their clients

Trust and Openness,
Mutual Respect, Quality,
Excellence, customer orientation.

We are personally accountable for
delivering on our commitments.


Medici Pakistan is working in Pakistan on behalf of our well reputed principals from all over the world. We are an authorized Agent/Strategic partners of some international manufacturers for their different products.

Foreign Principals:

We work together, across boundaries, to meet the needs of our customers and to help the company win.

We value our people, encourage their development and services.

Our employees are our Assets.


Medici Pakistan is working in Pakistan on behalf of our well reputed principals from domestic market (Pakistan). We are an authorized Agent/Strategic partners of some domestic manufacturers for their different products.

Domestic Principals:








  1. Selling & Marketing of Raw Material, Excipients, Biotech Finished Medicines, Medical Disposable Products & Packaging materials for Pharmaceutical, Food and Allied industries in Pakistan on behalf of our well reputed principals.
  2. Through our marketing infrastructure give good business to our international partners.
  3. Product profiles and comparative product and segment working for our international partners.
  4. Complying with the requirements of regulated & semi regulated markets.
  5. Suggestive of molecules for customers.
  6. Support in Formulation Development.
  7. Preparation of initial feasibility, and estimated sale forecast for our international partners.
  8. Provide the services to product’s registrations.
  9. Technology Transfer.
  10. Fill in the gap left by the international companies shifting their focus to the Pakistan markets.
  11. In- and out-licensing arrangements.
  12. Providing updated information to our partners.


Medici Pakistan provides the services of Contract Manufacturing and have well reputed manufacturers in the field of Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals.

A contract manufacturing organization (CMO), sometimes called a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO), is a company that serves other companies in the pharmaceutical industry on a contract basis to provide comprehensive services from drug development through drug manufacturing. This allows major pharmaceutical companies to outsource those aspects of the business, which can help with scalability or can allow the major company to focus on drug discovery and drug marketing instead.

Services offered by CMOs include, but are not limited to: pre-formulation, formulation development, stability studies, method development, pre-clinical and Phase I clinical trial materials, late-stage clinical trial materials, formal stability, scale-up, registration batches and commercial production. CMOs are contract manufacturers, but they can also be more than that because of the development aspect.

Their customers are not only expecting competitive pricing but also regulatory compliance, flexibility on the production capability and on time delivery. Overall it is required that CMO complies with good manufacturing practice from their client and official organization such as DRAP.

There are following customers from Pakistan market: